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UCLA Extension – Handmade Typographic Poster Workshop at Looking – April 28 & 29

In this weekend workshop at a Los Angeles professional design studio, students develop an original typographic poster without the use of computers and experience the creative process as a whole, including concept, physical creation, photography, and presentation of the final, portfolio-worthy color poster. Through immersion into a real-life situation (presenting a concept to a client on a deadline), students focus on clearly conveying concepts through visual design and verbal presentations.

Enrollment limited to 10; advance enrollment required. 

El Segundo: Looking
Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm,
April 28 – 29

2 meetings total


Source of text and enrollment link: UCLA Extension: Design Topics

Demons & Habits: John Clark to Speak at Woodbury University

John Clark is the founder and design director of Looking. Before establishing Looking Studios, Mr. Clark developed an extensive background in design direction both here and abroad including Büro für Visuelle Kommikation, Rolf Müller, Munich; GNU Group, Sausalito and Houston; and Cross Associates, LosAngeles. Of his mission for Looking – John Clark believes in the importance of the conceptual development of original form, and that the integration of typography and image is essential to compelling communication. Looking’s broad range of corporate and institutional clients includes AIGA, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Los Angeles Public Library, L.A. County Arts Commission, Warner Records, and Warner Bros. Studios.


Workshop No. 3: Coin Design

Workshop Poster 2012

This workshop involved the the development of an original coin design. While a type workshop at its core, the component of bas relief design was equally important. Further, as a workshop, student were required to go beyond the development of a concept and final design, and to sculpt a positive design at approx. eight times actual size, cast a flexible silicon negative mold, and, as a final step, cast a urethane positive, dimensional coin. Conducted over the course of two successive weekends in our studio and in-house workshop, the students exhibited a remarkable ability to make decisions in a timely manner, and to quickly learn means of fabrication.
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The 2012 Looking website takes full advantage of the new web standards. We incorporated responsive design, so the experience adapts depending on the user’s device or screen size. Users with larger screen sizes are able to view higher quality images. Tablet and smartphone users will get the same rich experience with the added value of touch scrolling through the navigation. Content can be navigated to in a number of ways and each condition is unique, allowing users to easily share what they see with others.

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