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photo credit: Dan Hanasono

Here Comes the Judge! CA Typography Annual 2015

This month’s edition of Communication Arts, which recently hit new stands, features our favorite annual of the year, the one we get excited about and hold our breath until it arrives. This would of course be that of their Typography Annual. Last year we had an entry in the Typography Annual with our collaborative poster working with Don Miller and UCLA Extension for the Handmade Type class we taught last year.

This year was extra special with the honor of having our Founder and Director John Clark participate as a judge on this year’s three-judge panel. Judging took place over a long two-stage session, the first being a screening stage where any submission that was a favorite of a judge was passed through to the final review stage. Then for the first time, during the final judging stage, all three judges had to vote unanimously for a project to be awarded through to the Annual. Student submissions were also allowed for the first time in an annual competition.

Even with the extra pressure of a no-comprise judging format, of the original 1811 entries, 140 are featured in this year’s Communication Arts Typography Annual. We hope you get and/or grab your copy today and see the selection of great work. Congrats to all those whose projects made it.

Workshop class and instructors (L-R): Sr. Designer Richard Kobayashi, Program Director of the Visual Arts at UCLA Extension, Photographer David Williams, Founder John Clark, and students Sasha, Heather, Bonnie, David, Grace, Paola, Paul, Clara, Adam, and Julia.

UCLAx Hand Made Type Workshop at Looking

On January 25th and February 1st, 2014, at the Looking Studio in El Segundo, the UCLAx DCA program held a two-day workshop on Hand Made Type led by instructor and principal John Clark. The workshop, which was sold out, was held over two sunny Saturdays with the first day dedicated to type inspiration and design, and the second day dedicated to the execution of a custom hand made type poster.

The second day of the workshop ended with a nice reception featuring tasty cheeses and refereshments as well as a few guest visitors including Dan Romero, Isabella and Arnold Schwartzman, Don Miller, Marianne Thompson as well as a few members of Looking. During the reception, each student presented their concept and final poster design. As you can see in the gallery below, each poster design was very unique using a wide combination of materials and techniques to achieve a

Thank you to all of the students for your hard work.


Next workshop: UCLAx License Plate Workshop







Armin Hofmann Farbe/Color – Exhibit Catalog – Quote from John Clark of Looking

Armin Hoffman Catalog quote page

“I did go back to black and white for the remainder of my time, jealous of the other students like Dan Boyarski and Jack McManus who were getting rave reviews on their color. Some years later I was suddenly able to really see color, and it sort of all opened up. Hoffman was right, though, at the time I could just not see or hear what he was trying to explain.” – John Clark, Basel 1977-1979

Exhibit open until January 19th, 2014 @

UCLA Ext. Hand Made Type Workshop Poster, Don Miller

UCLA Ext. Hand Made Type, Poster 2013

In connection with the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and UCLA Extension, we conduct student workshops in which students create a poster from hand made type. One of our roles in this initiative, in a addition to hosting the workshops, is continuing to promote the subject.

This new poster to be used in connection with UCLA Extension was created with simple string. Assembled by our student intern Ali Keenan, the image came to life in the studio of master photographer Donald Miller,

Syntropy LA – A TEDx like event


Presentations will be presented showing how designers are key to the change in this world and how strategic design thinking is crucial to sustaining the human race.  Beginning with influences from the entertainment industry and such creative forces such as Saul Bass, Los Angeles design has been at the forefront of this wave, stressing effective storytelling that separates great brands from the mediocre.

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John Clark
Touch Everything: The Explosion of Graphic Design.

John_006-2Graphic design instructor John Clark is founder of Looking, an interdisciplinary design studio involved in two dimensional, three dimensional and new media design. He is past Department Chairman for Communication Design, Art Center (Europe), and an instructor at Art Center College of Design and Otis College of Art and Design. Previously he was Vice President of Cross Associates, Los Angeles, a designer with Büro Rolf Müller für visuelle Kommunikation, Munich, and a co-founder of The GNU Group, Houston and Sausalito.

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YouTube – Custom Interior Room Sign

© Rick Ueda

This custom designed room sign allows for easy daily updating by simply sliding paper into the window. Conceived in the spirit of the late 1940s, aluminum, aeronautic, Howard Hughes era aesthetic, fabricated from the traditional technique of rolling whole sheets of aluminum.