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photo credit: Dan Hanasono

Here Comes the Judge! CA Typography Annual 2015

This month’s edition of Communication Arts, which recently hit new stands, features our favorite annual of the year, the one we get excited about and hold our breath until it arrives. This would of course be that of their Typography Annual. Last year we had an entry in the Typography Annual with our collaborative poster working with Don Miller and UCLA Extension for the Handmade Type class we taught last year.

This year was extra special with the honor of having our Founder and Director John Clark participate as a judge on this year’s three-judge panel. Judging took place over a long two-stage session, the first being a screening stage where any submission that was a favorite of a judge was passed through to the final review stage. Then for the first time, during the final judging stage, all three judges had to vote unanimously for a project to be awarded through to the Annual. Student submissions were also allowed for the first time in an annual competition.

Even with the extra pressure of a no-comprise judging format, of the original 1811 entries, 140 are featured in this year’s Communication Arts Typography Annual. We hope you get and/or grab your copy today and see the selection of great work. Congrats to all those whose projects made it.